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Download for Windows

Download for Windows


Simply download the Zip archive release for Windows from the link above, extract the archive to a directory, then double-click on xemu.exe.

Download for macOS

Download for macOS

Apple Silicon Compatibility Note

This download is a "Universal" binary, and will work on both Intel x86-64 and the new Apple silicon (M1) Mac computers.

Install Manually

Simply download the Zip archive release for macOS from the link above, extract the archive, then run the application. Optionally drag the xemu app bundle to your Applications folder.

Because the app is not signed, you will need to right-click, or hold the control key and click, on the app and in the context menu that appears select Open on first launch.

Install via Homebrew

If you have the Homebrew package manager installed, you can install xemu with:

brew install --cask xemu

Download for Linux

Ubuntu PPA (20.04 and newer)

Users running recent versions of Ubuntu (20.04 and newer) are recommended to install through the daily build PPA repository. At the command line, run the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mborgerson/xemu
sudo apt update
sudo apt install xemu

You can now launch xemu through your typical launcher, or by typing xemu at the command line.


  1. Set up Flatpak

  2. Install xemu from Flathub

flatpak install -y app.xemu.xemu

  1. Run xemu

flatpak run app.xemu.xemu

Accessible Directories

When using the flatpak installation method, only the ~/.var/app/app.xemu.xemu/data/xemu/xemu directory can be written to by xemu. The Hard Disk image must be placed there, for example at ~/.var/app/app.xemu.xemu/data/xemu/xemu/xbox_hdd.qcow2.

If you want to whitelist additional directories, you can do so with Flatseal.

Build from source

On most Linux distributions, it is also possible to build from source.

Previous Releases

You can find older builds of xemu on the Releases page.