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Memory Units (Cards)

xemu allows inserting Xbox Memory Units, aka Memory Cards, in to controller hubs. There is not yet a convenient user interface to do this, but it can be done easily enough with a few short commands in the Monitor.

Creating an XMU image

Like the virtual hard disk, an XMU is backed by an image file. Create an 8 MiB XMU image using one of the following commands, depending on your platform.

fsutil file createnew xmu.img 8388608

or use FATXplorer.

Note: FATXplorer is a 3rd party tool and not maintained or supported directly by xemu project. Use at your own risk.

fallocate -l 8388608 xmu.img


dd if=/dev/zero of=img.img bs=8MB count=1

Creating and "Inserting" an XMU device

Open up the Monitor, and type in these commands:

drive_add 0 if=none,id=usbdisk1,file=xmu.img
device_add usb-storage,drive=usbdisk1,port=1.3.2

You may additionally change the controller you're inserting this XMU to.

Replace the value of port with 1.x.2 where x is one of 3, 4, 1, 2 for players 1, 2, 3, 4 respectively.