Blade II

AV-005 [41560005]
  • Status

    This title is playable, with minor issues.

  • Last Tested
    Jan 9, 2022
    Reported by Discord user: RageXbox#3683
    created_at: 1641701538
    xbe_cert_title_id: 1096155141
    xbe_headers_sha256: 870f8c3505441af2e2b125228f81e0999e55412bb3ecb62a1f8e07e5af86785d
    xemu_version: 0.6.2-35-gd54ce00f02
    xemu_branch: master
    xemu_commit: d54ce00f028f18f642fb176b6f755e106e4719e2
    xemu_date: Sun Jan  9 02:52:46 UTC 2022
    os_platform: Windows
    os_version: Windows
    cpu: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2678 v3 @ 2.50GHz
    gl_vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    gl_renderer: Quadro P5000/PCIe/SSE2
    gl_version: 4.0.0 NVIDIA 496.49
    gl_shading_language_version: 4.00 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
    compat_rating: Playable
    compat_comments: Now it no longer crashes while going to menus. FMVs are laggy. Menus are great. Goes Ingame. Few graphical glitches. Audio is great. Performance is great. This game is Playable.
    _id: 61da60a359c821456ca241fd
    provided_by_discord_id: 792972788264206336
    provided_by_discord_name: RageXbox#3683

Known Issues

No issues have been reported for this title.