Zan Kabuki

GE-001 [47450001]
  • Status

    This title is playable from start to finish with no noticable issues.

  • Last Tested
    Mar 13, 2021
    Reported by Discord user: RageXbox#3683
    created_at: 1615636614
    xbe_cert_title_id: 1195704321
    xbe_headers_sha256: 1b14fb20bcaa9c5c042e5439a31e27ef1bcd2dca474faf39e5a8841bd0f1cf21
    xemu_version: 0.5.0-79-g1c6f85cdd9
    xemu_branch: master
    xemu_commit: 1c6f85cdd99554bb54736473f82b68e81cec0b2a
    xemu_date: Fri, Mar 12, 2021 12:27:58 PM
    os_platform: Windows
    os_version: Windows
    cpu: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2678 v3 @ 2.50GHz
    gl_vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    gl_renderer: Quadro P5000/PCIe/SSE2
    gl_version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 457.30
    gl_shading_language_version: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
    compat_rating: Perfect
    compat_comments: FMVs are perfect, menus are perfect, goes Imgame, no graphical glitches found, graphics is perfect, audio is perfect, the performance is perfect, this game is Perfect! 
    _id: 604ca887ee2c5504f6d48c12
    provided_by_discord_id: 792972788264206336
    provided_by_discord_name: RageXbox#3683

Known Issues

No issues have been reported for this title.