LA-008 [4c410008]
  • Status

    This title is playable, with minor issues.

  • Last Tested
    Oct 10, 2021
    Reported by Discord user: Flynnyfoo#1454
    created_at: 1633832377
    xbe_cert_title_id: 1279328264
    xbe_headers_sha256: ebec69a8bac20a412fca141b9dc8230340ae2b3d46af92983608e586a858481d
    xemu_version: 0.6.1-12-ga8c73197da
    xemu_branch: master
    xemu_commit: a8c73197daae6f952b2f0edcc85e4bcf63dd38ee
    xemu_date: Fri Oct  1 21:10:50 UTC 2021
    os_platform: Windows
    os_version: Windows
    cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz
    gl_vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    gl_renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST/PCIe/SSE2
    gl_version: 4.0.0 NVIDIA 466.27
    gl_shading_language_version: 4.00 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
    compat_rating: Playable
    compat_comments: Completed Playthrough 100% with Valens no major issues some small bugs found,  
    otherwise ran well.
    Maintained 60fps on two different systems 
    PC 1 - GTX 650 TI BOOST I54440       PC 2- GTX 1070 SC Ryzen 1700
    Minor Bugs Listed Below
    2. Infinite load screen upon initial boot of game (happens infrequently)
    3. Air Beasts, and Fire Beasts cause roughly a 20fps drop (tested with both high and low pc specs) 
    4. Large amounts of enemies posioned will cause a lite amount of frame drop roughly 10fps (4 + enemies posioned at a time)
    5. Game Over Screen will cause emulator to crash
    7. First encounter with gwazi caused a crash happend once restarted and was fine the 2nd time
    8. Occasionally audio effects will be delayed/ outta sync
    9. Occasionally a buzzing sound can be heard in arena suren
    10. Fps drops to 30 when in character placement screen (could be a fps cap in game or something)
    _id: 61624dbab8c09fd1493e86bd
    provided_by_discord_id: 343207926292414464
    provided_by_discord_name: Flynnyfoo#1454

Known Issues

No issues have been reported for this title.