Sega GT 2002 + JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future

MS-061 [4d53003d]
  • Status

    This title is playable, with minor issues.

  • Last Tested
    Apr 29, 2022
    Reported by Discord user: BE4T#1337
    created_at: 1651248889
    xbe_cert_title_id: 1297285181
    xbe_headers_sha256: 81c95de64f6ccb6ebbc2f80f143af729fe43700b1200ba146d0a852da6067bd1
    xemu_version: 0.6.3-8-g30a872fa83
    xemu_branch: master
    xemu_commit: 30a872fa832763739533ed761e79ac99b1954683
    xemu_date: Wed Apr 27 22:57:09 UTC 2022
    os_platform: Windows
    os_version: Windows
    cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core Processor             
    gl_vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    gl_renderer: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060/PCIe/SSE2
    gl_version: 4.0.0 NVIDIA 511.79
    gl_shading_language_version: 4.00 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
    compat_rating: Playable
    compat_comments: -Demos Screen audio crackling
    -SEGA GT 2002 works but has distorted audio
    -JSRF works with some missing particle effects (during sudden stops)
    -JSRF grafitti boost has performance slowdowns
    _id: 626c0ef9dec1e9e6df87cdc3
    provided_by_discord_id: 177751929634553857
    provided_by_discord_name: BE4T#1337

Known Issues

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