ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth

SE-015 [5345000f]
  • Status

    This title is playable, with minor issues.

  • Last Tested
    Oct 18, 2021
    Reported by Discord user: justcp#8423
    created_at: 1634549252
    xbe_cert_title_id: 1397030927
    xbe_headers_sha256: 8393e8c2be2b76861211cd18eb6a997f0a968076036951ff34a7f994bde017e8
    xemu_version: 0.6.1-23-g5a80cfa2d9
    xemu_branch: master
    xemu_commit: 5a80cfa2d95390438f17e5c4cd5e0c072bb0c4a4
    xemu_date: Thu Oct 14 19:19:37 UTC 2021
    os_platform: Windows
    os_version: Windows
    cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz
    gl_vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    gl_renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER/PCIe/SSE2
    gl_version: 4.0.0 NVIDIA 496.13
    gl_shading_language_version: 4.00 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
    compat_rating: Playable
    compat_comments: Game is Very Playable on My PC
    _id: 616d3e05b8c09fd1493e86dd
    provided_by_discord_id: 527504379948040202
    provided_by_discord_name: justcp#8423

Known Issues

No issues have been reported for this title.